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Water Otter provides online continuing education tools for

Water and Wastewater Professionals

UNLIMITED access, UNLIMITED courses, UNLIMITED credits, unique REWARDS program, operator discussion forum, and other resources. Regular industry newsfeed direct to your inbox keeping you up-to-date with what’s happening in the industry.

Their e-learning program offers an extensive list of operator training courses in addition to archive record-keeping of all certificates and transcripts, an electronic resource library, community discussion forum, and management report tools.

Water Otter helps you...

Meet your budget

Train your team

Save time

New courses added every month ranging from math to operations, exam prep, safety, and more.

Easy annual subscription. Discounts for Groups, Trade Association Members, Veterans, First Responders and Academic Institutions.

“We Promised. We’ve Delivered. We have always said that as our membership grew we would lower our prices.  With the introduction of Water Otter 3.0, we’ve done it. Full Membership WAS $439, NOW $399! More Value for Less Money!”

-Water Otter

Yearly Membership

Individual $399 per year

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Unlimited Courses

Unlimited Certificate of Completions


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