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UV CIPP Success with the Perfect Cure

In this education session, you will see the key differences between traditional and UV CIPP lining – the installation process, the benefits of each and best-use application types. This session will also review curing best practices, curing monitoring devices that help crews create efficiencies, and  provide confidence with precise cure proof.

Key concepts to be covered:

  • Comparing the key differences between CIPP and UV CIPP
  • Understanding the installation methodology and process of UV CIPP
  • How to deliver the perfect

Pete Dannenberg

  • Upper Midwest Regional Manager for Vortex Companies
  • 14+ years of experience in the trenchless technology industry

Tyler Allen

  • South Central Territory Sales Manager for Vortex Companies
  • 8 years of experience owning and operating a trenchless rehabilitation company
  • Specialized in UV CIPP

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