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Use of FRP Composites for Pipeline Rehabilitation

In this education session, you’ll learn the fundamentals of pipeline rehabilitation with FRP including materials, design, installation, and QA/QC processes applied in a typical project.

Key concepts to be covered:

  • Key parameters in pipe rehab
  • FRP material properties
  • Use of FRP for infrastructure rehabilitation
  • Design principles
  • Project examples

Use of FRP (particularly carbon fiber reinforced polymer) in infrastructure rehabilitation was first tried experimentally in the 1980s and first applications on pipeline rehabilitation started in the late 1990s. 

FRP has been gaining momentum in the past decade particularly for pipeline rehabilitation mainly due to having the highest strength to weight ratio in the industry and inertness to corrosion.

Meet Your Presenter

Firat Sever, PhD, P.E. BCEE

  • Pipeline Division Manager at QuakeWrap, Inc.​
  • Worked as a field engineer and consulting engineer in pipelines for 15 years, before joining QuakeWrap in 2018​
  • Specialties: Underground infrastructure rehabilitation with trenchless technologies, pipeline design.​
  • Serving on National Pipeline Committees of WEF, NASSCO, and AWWA​
  • ASCE Pipelines 2015 Technical Chair

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