Trenchless Rehabilitation 

Trenchless rehabilitation is the repair, renewal, or replacement of existing underground services, facilities and structures with minimal or no excavation in order to reduce excessive inflow and infiltration on our aging sewer system

I & I occurs when groundwater finds its way into our sewer system either by means of above ground sources (faulty manhole covers, foundation drains, uncapped cleanouts,etc) or by means of groundwater slowly seeping into the sewer system (broken or cracked pipes, broken side sewers, root intrusion, faulty lateral connections, and deteriorated manholes).
When excessive I & I occurs it can cause our sewer system to reach capacity and become overloaded which can lead to service connection back ups and overflowing sewage into communities, lakes, ponds, rivers and roads.
Wastewater collection and treatment systems aren’t designed to handle a large amount of infiltration and inflow so  an increased amount of wastewater moving through a system decreases its ability to properly treat it.  

What is INFLOW & INFILTRATION and why do we need to reduce it?

Trenchless rehabilitation options to eliminate the source of I & I Premium Supplier