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The Strong Company

About The Strong Company

By providing a total system of engineered products, specialized equipment, and complete customer service, the Strong Company continues to be an industry leader in both light-weight insulating concretes and corrosion-resistant, high-strength repair mortars.

Manhole Rehabilitation

Cementitious Mortar Lining


MS-2®A is a fiber-reinforced, spray-applied cementitious mortar. MS-2®A fills all voids and achieves a mechanical and chemical bond to the existing substrate. The MS-2®A product is the most cost-effective solution for stopping infiltration and restoring structural integrity.

Calcium Aluminate


The corrosion resistant, fiber reinforced, pure-fused calcium aluminate cement with calcium aluminate aggregate is designed to withstand hydrogen sulfide gas attack, restore structural integrity and stop water infiltration in new and existing sewerage structures including manholes; lift station wet wells, concrete pipelines, water clarifiers and headworks; and other water treatment plant structures.


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