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Standard Cement

About Standard Cement

Standard Cement Materials is a manufacturer of specialty cements and grouts used to rehabilitate the water and wastewater sewer infrastructure.  Product applications include storm sewer culverts, corrugated metal pipe, sanitary sewer manholes, lift stations, and water treatment plant structures.  Use our “Standard Lining System” to restore sewer structure integrity, stop water inflow and infiltration and protect against hydrogen sulfide gas; all while utilizing cost effective trenchless technology methods.

Manhole Rehabilitation

Cementitious Mortar Lining

Reliner MSP® Cement

The Reliner MSP® Cement is a blend of polymer modified Portland cement, a dry microsilica powder, polypropylene fiber and other selective admixtures that impart greater workability and control during placement. The cement is designed to restore structural integrity in brick, corrugated metal pipe culverts, concrete, and Fiberglass infrastructure.

Calcium Aluminate

Maximum CA Plus™ Cement

The corrosion resistant, fiber reinforced, pure-fused calcium aluminate cement with calcium aluminate aggregate is designed to withstand hydrogen sulfide gas attack, restore structural integrity and stop water infiltration in new and existing sewerage structures including manholes; lift station wet wells, concrete pipelines, water clarifiers and headworks; and other water treatment plant structures.

Geopolymer Lining

GeoCast with Reliner MSP®

The Geocast Geopolymer Mortar is a polymer – modified cement with Geopolymer for corrugated metal pipes, concrete pipes and masonry. The high performance cement with densified microsilica powder, pozzolanic materials, and other select admixtures is designed for both new and existing CMP and concrete pipes and rehabilitates inverts and pipe shells, and provides abrasion resistance in storm water drainage constructions; and protects against corrosion in sewerage works.

Polymer Lining

Standard 4553 Epoxy

The chemical resistant, polymer epoxy coating is designed to protect concrete, masonry brick and steel structures against corrosion and chemical attack, to control the deterioration of concrete, and stop water infiltration in both new and existing sewerage structures including manholes; lift station wet wells, concrete pipelines, water clarifiers, and headworks, and other water treatment plant structures; and as a secondary containment barrier in water suppression applications. Applied to various surfaces, the top coat is moisture tolerant and provides excellent adhesion, abrasion and temperature resistance.

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