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Sealing Systems, Inc.

About Sealing Systems, Inc.

Sealing Systems, Inc. is an international manufacturer and distributor of quality products for sustaining and maintaining municipal water and sewer systems by preventing inflow and infiltration. Product line includes: chimney seals, joint wraps, chemical grout, manhole adjustment rings (HDPE & Rubber Risers), and manhole inserts.

Manhole Rehabilitation

Chimney Rehabilitation

Flex-Seal 2.0

Urethanes are noted for extreme toughness, elongation, abrasion, resistance, acidic resistance and longevity. Sealing Systems, Inc. process allows a fast and simple method of sealing the adjustment ring area and joint sections will not allow infiltration and will not deteriorate from hydrogen sulfide or road salt. When properly installed, no special conditions or requirements are necessary for optimal performance.

Infi-Shield® External Uni-Band

The new improved Infi-Shield® Uni-band is an inexpensive and permanent method of externally sealing the grade adjustment ring area of a manhole. The one piece molded seal has a reinforced preformed L shaped corner. Accommodating ground movement, Infi-Shield® Uni-band’s high quality rubber and non-hardening butyl mastic provide a flexible water-tight seal around the structure

Internal Uni-Band

The Internal Uni-Band is an inexpensive and permanent method of internally sealing the grade adjustment ring area of a manhole. The seal has foam backing to ensure a water tight seal over the rough/irregular surface of the structure, and stainless steel bands at the top and bottom with expansion bolts, allowing for precise adjustment to create a secure fit.

Chemical Grout

Aqua Seal®

Aqua Seal is a dual component hydrophobic polyurethane water stop system designed to stop high infiltration in precast or brick lined structures. Aqua Seal is highly reactive (3-5 seconds) and can stop leaks in excess of 50 G.P.M. Aqua Seal is pumped under pressure with a caulking gun and can be injected into flowing water.


Infi-Shield® Gator Wrap

Infi-Shield® Gator Wrap prevents infiltration by providing a water-tight seal around any manhole, catch basin or concrete pipe joint. Gator Wrap resists harsh soil conditions and also provides a root barrier for any crack or joint. Infi-Shield® Gator Wrap installs easily with no special tools and can be immediately backfilled.

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