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About Sauereisen

From providing corrosion-resistant materials to ceramic assembly, Sauereisen team of highly-experienced professionals is dedicated to increasing the life expectancy of the world’s infrastructure.

Manhole Rehabilitation

Cementitious Mortar Lining

SewerSeal F-170

Sauereisen SewerSealTM F-170 is a cementitious water infiltration barrier for use in wastewater collection systems. The product combines 100% calcium aluminate cement with finely graded inert aggregate, thereby offering notable corrosion resistance to mild acids and alkalies.

Polymer Lining

SewerGuard® 210 RS

Sauereisen SewerGard® 210RS is a rotary spray-applied material specifically designed to protect concrete and steel surfaces of municipal wastewater treatment structures from chemical attack and physical abuse. The application properties of 210RS permit economical protection of new and rehabilitated substrates.

SewerGuard® 210 FS

Sauereisen SewerGard® 210FS is a fast-setting epoxy material for use in municipal wastewater environments. This lining protects concrete surfaces from chemical attack and physical abuse. It is particularly useful for protection of manhole benches, inverts and other structures subject to very little maintenance downtime. SewerGard® 210FS has non-sagging application properties that permit vertical and overhead applications, if necessary. When cured, 210FS provides an impermeable, high strength, corrosion-resistant lining.

Chimney Rehabilitation

Manhole ChimneySeal F-88

Sauereisen Manhole ChimneySeal F-88 is an elastomeric lining composed of fiber-reinforced, asphalt-modified urethane. ChimneySeal is used as a chemical-resistant membrane or gasket seal for the prevention of water infiltration. Manhole ChimneySeal has excellent adhesion to most substrates. As a high solids elastomer, it is recommended when movement from temperature change or other causes will be encountered.


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