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About Reliner®/Duran

RELINER® / Duran Inc. is a Connecticut based manufacturer dedicated to providing simple, cost effective, durable products for use in the wastewater and construction industries.

Manhole Rehabilitation


Inside Drop Bowl

The Inside Drop Bowl attaches to the manhole wall. The low-profile bowl is shaped to provide full access and inspection from above without reducing access to areas below.

It is ideal for new service installations, micro-tunneled services, wet wells, as well as existing and failed outside drops—and when used in combination with the RELINER Modular Invert System, it provides true fluid containment integrity.

Invert Channel System

The Modular Manhole Invert System is a series of marine grade fiberglass stock parts used to create durable smooth manhole invert channels for optimum flow conditions, thus producing factory quality flumes in the field regardless of site conditions.  

Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet


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