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Raven Lining Systems & PPG

About Raven Lining Systems & PPG

In February 2021, PPG acquired Raven Lining Systems, Inc., a trusted manufacturer of high-performance coatings and linings systems. By combining their patented technologies and extensive expertise with our own world-class service, innovative products and knowledge of protective coatings, PPG is able to bring comprehensive and powerful solutions to the wastewater and water industry.


Manhole Rehabilitation

Polymer Lining

PPG Raven® 405

PPG RAVEN 405 is an ultra-high build epoxy lining system with high physical strength and broad chemical resistance to stand up to severe, caustic environments. With a 30+ year history and over 30 million square feet coated, PPG RAVEN 405 is a proven technology that can protect new concrete or help rehabilitate an existing structure.

PPG AquataFlex® 505

The PPG AQUATAFLEX Series is a breakthrough in protective coatings technology with a unique Tri-Hybrid chemistry that helps protect your infrastructure from chemical attack. It is the best of three worlds — the chemical resistance of an epoxy, the flexibility and abrasion resistance of a polyurethane, and the fast cure of a polyurea.


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