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Pressure Pipe Rehabilitation Using FFRP

Failing pipes that are under constant pressure can be rehabilitated with an innovative, proven trenchless technology that utilizes a high-strength, aramid fiber-constructed tube. This flexible tube that is made of polyethylene and Kevlar can negotiate 45 and 90 degree bends and has been installed in 6-inch through 24-inch pipe in lengths of 50ft to 9,000ft in one pull. Pressure pipes that are being renewed with this economical technology transfer potable water, processed water, and even sewage.

Key concepts to be covered:

  • The FFRP System
  • Benefits of Designing with FFRP instead of Structural Systems
  • Installation Considerations
  • Case Study

Meet Your Presenter

Rick Gage

  • Senior Business Development Manager for Aegion/MTC
  • Over 15 years in Trenchless Technology
  • MSTT Board Member
  • Member of ASTM
  • Member of NASTT

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