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Pressure Pipe Inspection

In this education session, you will learn about innovative pressure pipe inspection, validation and rehabilitation methods that enable pipeline owners, managers and engineers to identify and predict pipeline leaks, anomalies and failures, prevent damage, water loss, and overflows in all material types, ferrous and non-ferrous. These inspection and rehabilitation technologies, and approaches enable stakeholders to proactively manage assets cost-effectively by providing data driven inspection results.

Our presenters will discuss inspections performed with in-line inspection tools that navigate 45º and 90º sweeps, utilizing ultrasonic, acoustic, electromagnetic and inertial mapping unit (IMU), and flexible fabric-reinforced pipe (FFRP) rehabilitation systems.

Key concepts to be covered:

  • Identify pipe degradation layer by layer, joint anomalies, leaks, and gas pockets
  • Provides submeter XYZ mapping of the entire pipeline identifying 95% of the anomalies
  • Determine remaining useful life in a single inspection
  • Data driven insights to plan management and maintenance smarter and maximize assets
  • Cost effective, trenchless rehabilitation for pipelines ranging 2-inches to 48-inches, navigating 45º or 90º bends suitable for water, wastewater, gas and oil

Meet Your Presenters

Jimmy Stewart

  • 25 years of experience
  • WEF Collection System Committee Past Chair
  • Vice Chair BOD Southeast Society of Trenchless Technology
  • Past NASCO Board Member
  • Recipient of WEF and WEF Member Associations Golden Manholes and 5S Society Awards

Chris MacDonald

  • President, CEO of CPM Pipelines
  • 25 years of experience providing specification and design support for consultants and clients
  • Recent partnerships include Acquaint Technologies from the Netherlands and BulletLiner SystemTM for trenchless pipe rehabilitation.

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