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Innovative and high quality products for wastewater, stormwater management as well as manhole rehabilitation!

PREDL has been a successful manufacturer of plastic manhole linings for decades. PREDL guarantees an efficient thermoplastic production of standard PP manhole linings. In addition, modern production from glass-fiber reinforced polyester (GRP) ensures reliable delivery of customized special designs.

The development of modern rehabilitation processes for sewage manholes has been one of the company’s core competencies for more than 20 years.

Manhole Rehabilitation


Manhole Base Liner

The PREDL base liner protects for long-term the concrete in the channel and on the benching from aggressions of the waste waters. The optimal hydraulic of the channel assures a problem free running of the canal and reduces the maintanance.


The PMA manhole system from PREDL provides a completely corrosion-protected manhole system that includes a joint lining system with an integrated sealing mechanism and load transfer.

PREDL’S PMA manhole system eliminates corrosion in the entire manhole area.


With the PREDL-FLEXLINER, a user-friendly manhole rehabilitation is possible within a short time. The manhole base liner is inserted through the cone in the manhole in one piece and in a non-destructive manner and unfolded to the original size once in the manhole. 

Rehabilitation with the PREDL-FLEXLINER provides a new, permanently protected manhole base. A perfect cheaper alternative to the complete replacement of the manhole structure.


The plastic inliner permanently protects the concrete components (manhole rings, cone) against corrosion.

Because of the PREDL-Corprotect, added to monolith concrete elements, the manhole or pumping station is perfectly water tight and protected from the sewage water without risking to rise from the ground.

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