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Pipe Bursting

Trenchless Replacement of Sewer and Water Pipelines

In this education session, you will learn about the trenchless method of pipe bursting for sewer and water pipelines. You will also understand the process, design considerations, equipment, applications, limitations and models for successful applications of this method. 

Questions that will be answered:

  • What is pipe bursting?
  • What equipment is used and why?
  • What existing and new pipe materials are candidates for pipe bursting?
  • What are the design considerations for using pipe bursting? 
  • How does pipe bursting look and used in the field?
  • What are the components and model for success?
  • What are the final benefits to using pipe bursting?

Meet Your Presenter

George Mallakis

  • Regional manager for TT Technologies Inc.
  • 35 years of varied trenchless technology experience as a municipal engineer, contractor and manufacturer in both design & construction. 
  • George is actively involved in NASTT, AWWA and ASCE.
  • Bachelor of science in civil engineering and a Master of Business Administration.

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