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Pipeline Assessment Certification Program


Certified PACP Training

PACP provides standardization and consistency to the methods in which pipeline conditions are identified, evaluated and managed. This course is offered in-person or virtually. This is usually taken with the Lateral Assessment and Manhole Assessment Certification.

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The goal of the NASSCO PACP course is to provide the student with a thorough indoctrination of the PACP coding procedures, provide an opportunity for students to ask questions and clarify various aspects of the program, review coding procedures, and ensure the contents of the PACP have been adequately conveyed to the student through the successful completion of the certification examination.

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Who Should Take PACP?

CCTV operators, municipalities, engineers, contractors, consultants, manufacturers & more. This program would allow those individuals to speak the same language regarding pipe defects, coding procedures, documentation & plans for rehab or replacement of sewers.

Standardization in PACP not only makes it more practical to compare the sections of multiple segments within a pipe network but also allows the industry to benchmark these conditions to allow a better understanding of deterioration mechanisms affecting underground infrastructure.

Meet Our Instructors

Jerry Weimer

- 30+ Years of Experience
- 2019 NASSCO Trainer of the Year
- NASSCO Certified Master Trainer in PACP, LACP, & MACP

Michael Lukas

- 30+ Years of Experience
- NASSCO Certified Trainer in PACP, LACP, MACP, & ITCP-CIPP

Jim Harris

- 45+ Years of Experience
- NASSCO Certified Trainer in PACP, LACP, & MACP

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