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PACP™ Coding Service

BMC is now offering PACP™ coding services!

Let us save you money and time in the field by coding your CCTV video footage for you!

We will provide a full PACP report including pictures of the defects, audio callouts of the defects, and a populated PACP database.


Upload your CCTV video footage to our FTP (File Transfer Protocol),
and we take care of the rest! 
You’ll get your coded report in 2 business days!

We will provide:

  • Compliant PACP reports
  • Pictures of each defect
  • Audio callouts of the defects
  • PACP database file

Benefits of using BMC:

  •  Less time in the field
  • Consistent data
  • Obtain more CCTV footage per day
  • Assessment reports
  • Low cost
  • NASSCO Certified Master Trainers

BMC's Master Trainer

Jerry Wiemer

30+ Years of Experience NASSCO Trainer of the Year 2019

Contact our Technology Specialist,
Sarah Back for more information

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