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About OBIC

From private industries whose profitability depends on long-lasting potable water systems, to public utility departments that manage water and sanitary sewer systems, OBIC offers customizable solutions that are proven to extend the life of water and wastewater structures for 50 years or longer.

OBIC products are spray-applied and cured in minutes, requiring minimal disruption to services. They also offer the versatility to do everything from restoring the structural integrity of a deteriorating manhole or extending the life of a wastewater treatment plant and potable water tank.

Manhole Rehabilitation

Polymer Lining

OBIC 5000

OBIC 5000 is a 100% solids lining that reinstates structural integrity, provides infiltration control, corrosion resistance and asset life extension of concrete, steel, masonry and other substrates.

With its high abrasion and chemical resistance, adhesion and corrosion protection properties, it is ideally suited for the rehabilitation, renewal or proactive protection of wastewater, stormwater and industrial process water system structures.

OBIC 1000

The PPG AQUATAFLEX Series is a breakthrough in protective coatings technology with a unique Tri-Hybrid chemistry that helps protect your infrastructure from chemical attack. It is the best of three worlds — the chemical resistance of an epoxy, the flexibility and abrasion resistance of a polyurethane, and the fast cure of a polyurea.


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