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About Warren Environmental

Warren Environmental is a company with a passion for manufacturing superior epoxy coatings that protect our planet, its infrastructure, and the people who use our products. That is what drives us and always will. 

Manhole Rehabilitation

Polymer Lining

301-14 High Performance Epoxy

A solvent-free, high-build epoxy series capable of increasing your asset’s service life by more than 75 years in highly corrosive sewer environments. 

Specially formulated high-performance epoxy products to solve issues with corrosion, microbial attack, sewer gases, and abrasion, as well as to structurally enhance your infrastructure, providing years of additional service life.

301-DF Duraflex

100% solids epoxy that offers a high level of flexibility and impact resistance. 301-DF is well suited to resist years of punishment in highly demanding areas.

By coating your assets with 301-DF, you are installing a shield that will move with the structure and protect from impact, abrasion, corrosion, chemical attack, and more.

301-QI Quick Invert

301-QI Quick Invert epoxy blend allows you to eliminate inflow and infiltration while making immediate return to service of manholes possible.

301-QI epoxy makes it possible to coat the invert at the start of the project and immediately return the manhole to service upon completion of the epoxy lining.

301-FA Fast Activating

Our 301-FA is a fast activating epoxy series, which makes immediate return to service and working in cold environments possible. 

301-FA epoxy is good for coating a high-velocity fluid contact area that cannot be bypassed for prolonged periods. This product will rapidly cure in ambient conditions and cure within six hours in frigid conditions making this an ideal solution for coating in colder environments.


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