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About MaxLiner USA

Partnering with global leaders like United Felts,  MaxLiner provides input from the field – working with people like you, to help design custom solutions based on real-life applications. MaxLiner’s practical experience—coupled with United Felts’ 50-plus years of research and development, engineering and testing—results in the manufacture of the highest quality liners and calibration tubes available in the CIPP trenchless market today.

Lateral Rehabilitation

CIPP Materials

MAX Flex 4D™

Max FLEX 4D is a non-woven, needle punched PE felt liner with a unique elastic and impermeable PU coating. This specially designed stitched skived seam and extruded taped joint, make it capable of transitioning up to four diameters (4D) while maintaining finished thickness and negotiating bends up to 90°.

MAX WovoLiner®

Max WovoLiner is an ultra-flexible liner uniquely bonded to a seamless impermeable PU coating. The circular-knitted construction of polyester and elastomeric yarns make it ideal for lining around multiple bends up to 90°.


GhostLiner is a uniquely manufactured synthetic fiber felt CIPP liner with a TPU coating specifically designed to maximize LED light-cure capabilities. Tube forming and seam bonding are achieved by an overlocking chain stitched seam with an extruded taped joint – creating a superior, high-performance, impermeable liner designed for sweeping bends up to 45° and very minimal stretch.


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