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Master Builders Solutions

About Master Builders Solutions

The Master Builders Solutions brand brings all of our expertise together to create chemical solutions for new construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures. Master Builders Solutions is built on the experience gained from more than a century in the construction industry. The know-how and experience of a global community of construction experts form the core of Master Builders Solutions.

Manhole Rehabilitation

Cementitious Mortar Lining

MasterEmaco S448-CI

​​​​​MasterEmaco S 488CIStructural repair mortar with active corrosion inhibition which provides high bond to steel and concreteHow does MasterEmaco S 488CI work?MasterEmaco S 488CI is a ready-to-use, high strength repair mortar containing active corrosion inhibition. Mixed with water, it provides a rheoplastic, non-segregating, thixotropic mortar with high bond to steel and concrete. MasterEmaco S 488CI is synthetic fibre reinforced. It does not contain metallic aggregate and is free of chlorides.

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