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FRP manholes and wetwells used for municipal wastewater systems are constructed with a nearly endless array of configurations, with or without base assemblies, for depths from 3’ to greater than 50’. FRP manholes and wetwells offer the lowest life-cycle cost by providing watertight and corrosion resistant properties. Manholes and wetwells by LFM are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the specifications given in ASTM D3753. In addition to complying with all ASTM specifications, our fiberglass manholes carry an AASHTO H-20 and HL-93 traffic load rating.

Manhole Rehabilitation


Fiberglass Manhole Insert

Also referred to as manhole liners, manhole inserts provide a structural repair to manholes that have experienced deterioration due to biogenic corrosion or aggressive industrial environments. These inserts are designed to fit inside deteriorated manholes. Diameters of the manhole inserts are sized 6-inches smaller than the host manhole’s inside diameter resulting in a 2.5-inch annulus. 

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