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Keeping Wastewater Workers Healthy

This education session will present and put in contex the growing threats faced by those in wastewater maintenance, but more importantly, how we can significantly reduce the risk of sickness to those in our industry.

Key concepts to be covered:

  • The changing constituents of today’s wastewater.
  • How biological threats develop in wastewater.
  • Cause of exponential growth of pathogens in sewage.
  • Current (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment for our industry.
  • Counting the cost of illness.
  • The new era of safety.

Wastewater maintenance workers encounter numerous substances on the job that may put their health in jeopardy. New antibiotic-resistant bacteria, emerging viruses, and a wide variety of chemical components are a growing concern for those in wastewater maintenance. Being of the front line of public health and safety, understanding and mitigating these and other risks to workers is imperative.

No matter how long you’ve been in the business, germs don’t care!

Cleaner Equipment = Safer Equipment

TJ Suiter

  • Involved in the wastewater industry for 31 years
  • Founder of Hydro Physics Corp
  • Founder of Hydro Products Corp
  • Creator of the Vanguard Pathogen Defense System

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