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For nearly 50 years, HK Solutions Group (formerly known as Hydro-Klean) has been highly regarded as a leading industrial services company in the Midwest. Their innovation and expertise have allowed for expansion into new service opportunities and new markets across the country. Today, their service offerings include trenchless manhole rehabilitation, sewer and pipe inspections, culvert repair, wastewater treatment and non hazardous liquid waste removal and more.

Manhole Rehabilitation



Monoform™ is a cost-effective, trenchless approach to structural manhole rehab. The Monoform™ manhole lining process involves assembling a plastic form inside a deteriorating manhole, pouring ready-mixed concrete around the form and then removing the form. Monoform™ is an excellent solution for typical manhole repair and rehabilitation projects in situations that don’t require additional fortification or hydro-excavation.

Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

Monoform PLUS™

Monoform PLUS™ is a polyethylene manhole solution perfect for applications where standing water and high hydrogen sulfide concentrations rapidly deteriorate concrete manholes and structures. It’s the only manhole rehab technique on the market proven to eliminate infiltration, exfiltration, and corrosion.

Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet


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