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GeoTree Solutions is a global leader in the development, manufacturing, and commercial application of geopolymer materials. Our range is used in a wide variety of applications to repair and rehabilitate Civil, Industrial, Commercial, and Underground infrastructure.

In 2011, GeoTree Solutions developed and introduced the first geopolymer mortar material specifically designed for trenchless wastewater rehabilitation: GeoSpray® geopolymer mortar. The development of geopolymers for large-scale industry-applicable systems required the creation of a “just add water” mixture that avoided the necessity of alkaline solutions used to create the proper reaction conditions.

Large Diameter Pipe Rehabilitation

Geopolymer Lining


The GeoSpray® geopolymer system is made of a high-performance, fiber-reinforced geopolymer mortar, specifically formulated and engineered as an environmentally friendly solution for rehabilitating pipes, culverts, and containment areas.

GeoSpray® HCE

GeoSpray® HCE geopolymer system is the next generation of high-performance, fiber-reinforced geopolymer mortars, specifically formulated for used in highly corrosive environments (HCE). 

It is engineered to be an environmentally friendly solution for rehabilitating pipes, culverts, and containment areas. This spray-applied liner creates a new structural pipe within the old pipe.

GeoSpray® 61

The GeoSpray® 61 spray-applied liner system is a high-performance, fiber-reinforced mortar specifically designed for corrosion prevention and structural enhancement of pipes in drinking water applications. This high-strength, ultra-low porosity material is made from natural mineral polymers and recycled industrial waste streams. This system is designed for multiple application techniques, including pouring, placing, troweling, spraying, and centrifugal casting.

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GeoStrong® Repair Mortar is a one-component, non-shrink, fast-setting geopolymer mortar designed for repairing horizontal, vertical and overhead concrete surfaces where high strength is desired. GeoStrong mortar is a corrosion-resistant geopolymer mortar that allows for fast application, up to three inches in one layer, with fast finishing and reduced time between lifts.


GeoRoc® geopolymer spray-applied liner is a high-performance, fiber-reinforced mortar specifically designed for the surface reinforcement and weathering protection of soils, rock and coal strata. It can be applied by pouring, placing, troweling or spraying to almost any surface or shape, making it ideal for rehabilitating tunnels, bridges, roads, and other structures.

GeoRoc liner creates an integral nano polymeric structure that continues to react over time, resulting in continuous improved performance and strength. This product rapidly cures, which means that the rehabilitated structure can be quickly put back into service after its GeoRoc liner application.

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