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Pressure Pipe Rehabilitation
Full Day Webinar

July 26, 2023
10:00 am – 6:00 pm MST

Join us for the rebroadcasting of our full-day Pressure Pipe Rehabilitation Webinar. Sit back and relax in your own office and listen to 10 presentations from some of the industry leaders on pressure pipe inspection, assessment, and rehabilitation. Industry experts will share their knowledge and field experience in this moderated webinar with two separate Q&A sessions. 
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10 Educational Topics

Standards Development, Product Classification, Testing & Design

Presented by: Dave Kozman
Hammerhead Technologies
10:05-10:35 am MST

This presentation provides an overview of industry standards, product classification, design methods, testing protocol, and ongoing developments for Class I-IV pressure pipe lining systems. This will include a detailed discussion on the AWWA structural classifications committee report, related standards, applicable test methods and utilization of results, operating parameters, and physical attributes that impact the design and long-term performance of a pressure pipe lining system.

Dave is a Senior Product Engineer for HammerHead Trenchless providing comprehensive design and technical support for all HammerHead CIPP product lines throughout the Americas. He has over 27 years of related industry experience in pipeline manufacturing, design, construction and trenchless pipeline renewal technologies for water and sewer applications. 

Pressure Pipe Assessment

Presented by: Jimmy Stewart
CPM Pipelines
10:40-11:20 am MST

In this session you’ll learn the tools and technologies for pressure pipe inspections and validations. You’ll be presented an introduction to identifying anomalies in both ferrous and non-ferrous pipes as well as anomalies in all pipe material types.

Jimmy has 25 years’ experience working in over 25 consent order driven cities. Where he has been Involved in the full-service environmental inspection, technical water/wastewater evaluation, rehabilitation for water, wastewater, and storm water systems. asset management and proven cutting edge digital solutions.

Assessment Technology Selection/Approach for Pressure Pipe

Presented by: Bethany McDonald
& Jackie Corey
Black & Veach
11:25-11:55 am MST

This presentation will review PCCP inspection technology selection. There is a universe of available technologies, and the most successful projects use pipe failure mode to govern technology selection. PCCP failure modes and corresponding technologies will be discussed, as well as how to tailor technology applications to pipeline risk.

Bethany leads Black & Veatch’s infrastructure condition assessment business. She has supported multiple clients in assessing, managing and repairing pressure pipes across the country. Bethany has inspected hundreds of miles of pressure pipe and was a lead author for AWWA M77 Condition Assessment of Water Mains. Based on her knowledge Bethany has helped clients develop and evolve pipe programs with cost-saving and efficiency-improving advancements. She collaborates with her clients and project teams to make smart decisions based on historic and institutional knowledge.

Jackie is a Condition Assessment Engineer at Black & Veatch. Jackie has 12 years of experience in the water and wastewater industry. She began her career in water pipeline construction and has been assessing the condition of aging pipelines for the past ten years. She graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and from Saint Mary’s College with a B.S. in Mathematics.


Pressure Pipe vs. Gravity
Pipe Cleaning

Presented by: Joe Schotthoefer
Doetsch Environmental
12:00-12:40 pm MST

Pressure pipe cleaning is not the same operation as gravity cleaning. This will be a comparison of needs and outcomes including why do we clean, is it able to be cleaned, what methods are utilized to clean, what is being accomplished, what does the final deliverable look like, and what to expect when specifying or contacting.

A fifth-generation family-owned business. Joe is the current President of the Board of Directors at NASSCO. Joe is a mechanical engineer by education, but field engineering specialist by trade. Joe crafted his skills on the shop floor, at the job site and in the pipe. He is responsible for the custom manufacture and continuous improvement of the company’s fleet of water recycling large diameter, long reach, difficult access and high-pressure pipe cleaning and debris extraction machines.

Class I The Original Trenchless Technology: Cement Mortar Lining

Presented by: Chris Walsh
W. Walsh Company Inc.
12:45-1:15 pm MST

 A description of the purpose, and the means and methods to cleaning cast iron potable water pressure mains and lining with cement mortar.

One of three brothers in the second generation of W. Walsh Company, a small family business focused on cleaning and cement mortar lining of water mains. Chris is active in American Water Works Association, chair of task group C-602, AWWA Standard for In-Place Cleaning and Cement Mortar Lining.


Class II & III Rehabilitation of Pressure Pipelines Using Polymeric Linings

Presented by: Joanne Carroll
Subtegic Group
1:20-1:50 pm MST

Epoxies, polyurethanes, polyureas and hybrid versions of these polymers have been used to protect and rehabilitate water mains and force mains for decades. Polymer chemistries have evolved as well as systems developed that enable the application of these polymers to address prevalent issues of aging water infrastructure in the most efficient and effective ways. This presentation will expand upon the capabilities, application processes, design considerations, and pressure pipe lining classification of polymeric linings today. The goal of this presentation is to broaden awareness of their unique capabilities and relating them directly to the selection and specification of these systems for rehabilitating pressure pipe.


Joanne Carroll has over 30 years of experience in the trenchless industry, including 18 years with a major polymeric lining manufacturer and 10 years leading a CIPP system provider until starting Subtegic Group Inc. to provide consulting services on the rehabilitation and protection of buried infrastructure using trenchless technologies. Joanne is a NASSCO ITCP Trainer for both CIPP and Manhole Rehabilitation.


Utility Project Management

Presented by: Gary Moore Sr.
Bryant Associates
2:40-3:10 pm MST

In this presentation, there will be a discussion of setting up a project, identifying all the requirements, working through the engineering design using the established individual project dynamics, and what the thought process is while compiling the contract documents to convey the intent of the client to the contractor in the most appropriate format.  

Mr. Moore has extensive expertise in the civil engineering field, from both the public and private sectors. This has been a blended experience that began with government service as a public official, included owning both a construction firm and an engineering firm performing engineering services for municipalities and utility companies along with commercial and residential clients, and has worked for engineering firms providing energy, solid waste, water and wastewater consulting services for predominately municipal/government clients in the US and worldwide.


Class III FFRP for Pressure Pipe

Presented by: Rick Gage & Jonathan Raymer
MTC/Aegion & Federal EC

3:15-3:55 pm MST

Failing pipes that are under constant pressure can be rehabilitated with an innovative, proven trenchless technology that utilizes a high-strength, aramid fiber-constructed tube. FFRP is constructed in layers consisting of polyethylene and Kevlar. It can negotiate 45- and 90-degree bends and has been installed in 6-inch through 24-inch pipes in lengths of 50 feet to 9,000 feet in one pull. Pressure pipes that are being renewed with this economical technology transfer potable water, processed water, and sewage.



Rick Gage is a Senior Business Development Manager for Aegion/MTC. He has over 15 years in Trenchless Technology. Rick is a MSTT Board Member, a Member of ASTM, and a Member of NASTT


Jonathan M. Raymer P.E. is a licensed utility contractor, general contractor, and professional engineer. He has been working in the trenchless technologies industry since 1998. He is currently the General Manager and owner of Federal Engineering & Construction (Federal EC LLC) based in Atlanta, Georgia and specializes in the inspection, cleaning, and rehabilitation of underground piping.


Class IV Bursting, Slitting, and Lining & Rehabilitation

Presented by: Alan Goodman
Hammerhead Technologies
4:00-4:40 pm MST

This presentation will review the current methods of water, sewer, and gas pressure pipe replacement by means of pipe bursting or pipe splitting. Addressing some of the differences between main and service line replacement with emphasis on different pipe materials being replaced and installed. The other portion of the presentation will focus on CIPP for pressure pipe and fire main applications. A few case studies will focus on the above-mentioned methods and obstacles to address and overcome.

Alan Goodman has more than 20 years of experience in underground and trenchless construction. He is the current chair of NASTT and the Sales Manager for HammerHead Trenchless® looking after the US and Canada. Goodman’s experience includes directional drilling, pipe ramming, auger boring, pipe extraction, pipe slitting, pipe bursting, and cured in place lining. Alan has worked with municipalities, gas utilities, engineering firms, and contractors around the country providing customer training, technical support, pre-project planning, project specifications to support trenchless rehabilitation and new installation.


Class IV Internal CIPP Water Service Reinstatement Advancements

Presented by: Steven Soldati
4:45-5:25 pm MST

We will focus on advancements to the method of internal service reinstatement using a mechanical seal that is inserted into the service after lining. It is the evolution of a system introduced a decade ago, where a hollow stainless-steel bolt is threaded into the opened service after lining. The concept was revisited with the cooperation of a robotics firm, resulting in a more effective mechanical insert and more effective tooling required to robotically install the insert. The system has undergone significant testing with respect to the ability to withstand vacuum, as well as the expected pressures in a water distribution system.


Steve Soldati is a registered civil engineer in Florida and California. He attended the California State University, Chico, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. He has over 13 years of industry experience working in construction, sales, business development, project & program management for both the private and public sectors. He currently serves as the Commercial Manager of Pressure Pipe for Aegion Corporation and delivers innovative, technology-based solutions for the water and wastewater industry. 

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