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Manhole Rehabilitation Series Part 3 of 3:
Testing & Design
Full Day Webinar


July 9th, 2024
9:00 am – 4:00 pm EST

Join us for our full-day Manhole Rehabilitation Series Part 3: Testing & Design. Sit back and relax in your own office and listen to 6 presentations from some of the industry leaders on manhole testing and design. Industry experts will share their knowledge and field experience in this moderated webinar with two separate Q&A sessions. 

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6 Educational Topics

Keys to Manhole Rehabilitation Success: The Importance of Surface Preparation, Specifications & an Effective QA/QC Program

Presented by: Jeff Maier
 9:05 am – 10:05 am EST

An overview of recommended technical considerations, quality assurance/ quality control criteria and good practices to help promote successful trenchless manhole rehabilitation in wastewater collection systems is presented. The importance of specification development focusing on appropriate product-specific standards and installation best practices, incorporation of inspector hold points, and appropriate inspection protocol for manhole rehabilitation projects will be discussed. Proper surface preparation techniques and methods will be emphasized and explained in detail throughout this presentation.

Jeff Maier, P.E. serves as the West Water Infrastructure Practice Leader at Dewberry Engineers. He is responsible for business development, client services, assisting with project pursuits, and provides in-depth technical expertise for a variety of trenchless pipeline and manhole rehabilitation technologies, utility pipeline construction applications, advanced pipeline condition assessment methods, infrastructure inspection, and asset management strategies. He is a Colorado, Utah and Texas registered professional engineer and a graduate of the University of Michigan – College of Civil & Environmental Engineering with over 24 years of project management and engineering design experience, primarily in the water, wastewater and energy sectors. Jeff is recognized as an industry expert in the fields of advanced condition assessment and trenchless rehabilitation of pipelines, manholes, and water and wastewater facility structures.

Holiday Detection & Manhole Coating Inspection

Presented by: Mark Byerley
Tinker & Rasor
 10:10 am – 10:50 am EST

The do’s and don’ts of High Voltage Holiday Inspection.

President/CEO of Tinker & Rasor
NACE International (AMPP) President 2009-2010

Bond Strength of Polymer Liners:

Why This Feature is Important for Manhole Rehabilitation

Presented by: Vaughn O’Dea
 10:55 am – 11:35 am EST

Polymeric spray or trowel-applied liners are commonly used to restore and renew the structural integrity of manhole surfaces, protect against future H2S corrosion, and provide a barrier to seal the surface and groundwater infiltration from entering the manhole.  The adhesion of the polymer liner to the manhole surfaces and adjoining host pipe or rehabilitation materials is critical to achieving all three objectives.

Vaughn O’Dea served for over twenty years at Tnemec Company as a Technical Service Representative and as the Director of Sales for the Water and Wastewater market. In 2022, Vaughn was promoted to Director of Epoxytec, a division of Tnemec specializing in structural products for the underground collection sector. He is an SSPC Protective Coatings Specialist, an AMPP Senior Certified Coatings Inspector, and a NASSCO Manhole Rehab Inspector. Vaughn has authored over 35 technical papers and has received numerous industry awards for his technical publications and industry research.

Field Experiences Regarding Testing and QA/QC

Presented by: Sam Hunt
 12:40 pm – 1:20 pm EST

In this presentation, you will dive into what happens when the QA/QC Specification hits the field.  Ever had a task not go as planned?  It’s a common occurrence that can be frustrating for all parties involved when finishing a project. Let’s talk about some of these instances and what was done to move forward.

Sam Hunt is Co-Founder and Vice President of CBET Restoration. Sam began working in the underground rehabilitation industry at the age of 18 with Culy Contracting. In 2018, Sam transitioned from Culy to Madewell enabling him to work throughout North America to teach, to instruct, and to inspire good rehabilitation decision-making among the community of Certified Applicators.

Manhole Wall Thickness Design per ASCE MOP 92

Presented by: Ed Kampbell
Rehabilitation Resource Solutions
1:25 am – 2:25 pm EST

This is a presentation on how to design the wall thickness for the site-specific rehabilitation requirements of a manhole structure using the variety of solutions currently available utilizing the ASCE MOP 92 as a reference for the attendees.

Mr. Kampbell is a senior level engineering executive possessing a strong technical background containing specialized expertise in buried pipes and pipe systems design and installation. One of his greatest technical strengths is a state-of-the-art understanding of the soil-structure interaction system as it pertains to new buried pipe installations as well as mature, existing pipe installations that are now candidates for renewal. This condition assessment skill set covers both rigid and flexible materials of construction. Mr. Kampbell’s career reflects more than 45 years of engineering experience in diverse aspects of water and wastewater conveyance systems not only in North America, but Central America, South America, Europe, the United Kingdom, Africa, Australia, and Japan. He has designed buried pipes with cover depths approaching 1,000 feet.

Testing Matter – Before, During, After

Presented by: Don Rigby
2:30 pm – 3:30 pm EST

Highly regarded Utility Contractors today had to learn lessons the hard way.  Ten years ago on a college campus, a Project Manager believed cleaning the surface of a lifting station meant it was properly prepared.  After post inspection one year later, all the rehab material fell to the bottom of the structure.  The question is why?  The answer is no pH Testing.  pH is a silent, destructive force in underground structures.  If properly tested, the Project Manager would have realized removing another ½ inch of material would have enabled optimum adhesion. Immediately, the contractor properly prepared the surface, made good on the project, and continues working on the college campus today. 

The absence of adhesion is failure. And inadequate surface prep is often the cause.  There may be dozen techniques for testing adhesion, some are destructive, others non-destructive.

Leveraging a 40-year marketing career in media, engineering, and underground technologies, Donald Rigby’s current role as Director Marketing & Education at Madewell Products includes planning and execution of education initiatives with specifying engineers, utility contactors, and municipal stakeholders. Rigby is the immediate past-chairman of NASSCO Manhole Rehabilitation Committee, PACP, MACP, LACP Certified, and actively serves on multiple WEF Collection Committees.

Member, author, and frequent speaker at NASSCO, NASTT, and WEF Associations, Rigby’s trenchless expertise includes the control of groundwater infiltration for the preservation and protection of below grade infrastructure.

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