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Manhole Rehabilitation Series Part 2 of 3:
Rehabilitation Technologies
Full Day Webinar


December 18th & 20, 2023
8:00 am – 4:00 pm EST

Join us for our full-day Manhole Rehabilitation Series Part 2: Rehabilitation Technologies. Sit back and relax in your own office and listen to 16 presentations from some of the industry leaders on manhole rehabilitation technologies and the best products on the market. Industry experts will share their knowledge and field experience in this moderated webinar with two separate Q&A sessions. 

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Day 1: December 18th

Manhole Rehab Begins with Stopping Active Leaks

Presented by: Scott Kelly
Prime Resins
8:05 am – 8:45 am EST

This presentation discusses chemical grout solutions for stopping leaks in manholes or other below grade structures. We will discuss the various formulations available and their merits pending jobsite conditions and objectives. Also covered will be equipment and accessories used to ensure successful installation.

Scott Kelly has worked both as a contractor and in technical sales for leading manufacturers in the trenchless technology marketplace for nearly 30 years. He regularly calls on that knowledge and experience to assist owners, contractors, and engineers as they navigate sometimes challenging projects.

Exploring Manhole Rehab Technologies

Presented by: Derek Offut
Vortex Companies
 9:35 am – 10:15 am EST

In depth, step by step outline for identifying issues in MHs and then rehabilitating them with the proper product and technology.

Derek is currently working for Vortex Companies as the Midwest Products Division Sales Manager. He has been in the Trenchless Rehabilitation Industry for over 16 years where his experience has been primarily in the contracting field with a heavy concentration in CIPP and MH rehab. Throughout his 16-year tenure, he has held positions as General Superintendent of Operations, Operations Manager, and General Manager. He has experience with over 3 million feet of CIPP liner installation with diameters ranging from 6” – 84”, using processes including steam, water, and UV installation and curing. Derek has directly managed, overseen, or been involved with over 1,000 Successful Trenchless Rehabilitation projects.

Stopping Infiltration in Manhole Joints with Mechanical Seals

Presented by: Tim North
Cretex Specialty Products
 8:40 am – 9:10 am EST

Understanding manhole jargon, history of mechanical seals, examples of manhole infiltration, understanding how mechanical manhole seals are installed, stop infiltration, and the life expectancy of mechanical seals.

Tim North has been the General Manager of Cretex Specialty Products since the beginning of 2021 and has been in the sewer and water industry since 1998. Tim has had hands-on experience working with chemical grout, chimney seals, fiberglass manhole inserts, composite manhole grade rings, inside drop and invert repair products. Tim resides near Waukesha, WI with his wife and enjoys restoring classic Fiat automobiles.

Manhole Rehab & Protection Polymeric Liners and Coatings

Presented by: Kathy Romans
Raven Lining Systems
 10:20 am – 11:00 am EST

This presentation will discuss the rehabilitation and protection of underground infrastructure assets with polymeric liners and coatings, from proper selection, surface preparation, and application to the importance of field quality assurance prior to final acceptance which ensures effective performance and a favorable ROI.

Kathy Romans is the Water & Wastewater Segment Manager for PPG Protective and Marine Coatings in the US and Canada; Kathy held the same position with Raven Lining Systems and joined PPG almost 3 years ago during the Raven/VersaFlex acquisition.   She has 25 years in the wastewater industry, spanning a broad range of disciplines, including chemical grouting, flow monitoring and SSES, mechanical seals and coatings and linings. Kathy has been an active member of NASSCO having served on the Board of Directors and as President of the organization, chair of the Health & Safety Committee for many years and Co-Chair of the NASSCO Manhole Rehabilitation Committee.  Kathy is also a NASSCO ITCP Certified Manhole Inspector.

Manhole Rehab Good for Decades

Presented by: Craig Closser
12:15 pm – 12:55 pm EST

For manhole rehabilitation to stand the test of time it must mitigate I&I, provide structural integrity, protect from corrosion, and bond to the original surface.  Within the anatomy of a manhole, defects will be identified, restored, and future-proofed with the Mainstay Composite Liner.

Craig Closser is a contractor with decades of experience in cleaning/televising underground pipe and grouting mainline, laterals, and manholes to control I&I.  Craig perfected the process of coating underground structures with cementitious mortar and epoxy resin. Today, he is Vice President of Business Development for Madewell Products, instrumental in training and coaching Certified Applicators.  His favorite saying, “Execution is Everything.”

Using EIPI Technology to Rehab Manholes

Presented by: Cal Cordulack
Resinating LLC
1:00 pm – 1:40 pm EST

The presentation will provide a brief overview of Expand-in-Place Integration Technology (EIPI Technology) before focusing in on the details associated with rehabilitating both brick and concrete manholes. It will explain how Resinating Fiberglass Expansion Liners are installed using EIPI Technology to restore functionality from the invert to the corbel. This results in infiltration being totally eliminated and structure integrity being completely restored, leaving the rehabilitated manhole in better condition than it was when it was new.

Cal is the Director of Business Development for Resinating LLC, a company with roots in the fiberglass industry that go back to 1959.  Cal’s presentation will provide a thorough introduction as to how Resinating’s Expand-in-Place Integration Technology can be applied to the rehabilitation of manholes, be they brick or concrete, of any diameter and depth.  EIPI Technology, patented in 2020, bonds fiberglass liners to substrates in a way that will likely enable it to capture a major share of the rehabilitation marketplace in the years to come, not only for manholes but really for all structures in wastewater, stormwater and freshwater systems.

Rehabilitating Manholes with One Coat of High Build Epoxy

Presented by: JB Conant
Warren Environmental
1:45 pm – 2:25 pm EST

This presentation will describe a one coat, high build, epoxy coating for rehabilitating manholes. High build epoxy is formulated to provide structural renewal for deteriorated structures. The product is typically specified at 250 mils but can be applied at 500 mils when needed. The product exhibits tremendous adhesion to various substrates including concrete, brick, andsteel. The high build epoxy’s features include: zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), proven resistance to aggressive sewer environments, superior adhesion results, and tolerance to high humidity and damp conditions.

J.B. brings 30+ years of business development experience in the water/wastewater industry. He has worked for a consulting engineering firm (RJN Group), with an emphasis on sewer system evaluation, a condition assessment firm (Wachs Water Services) and for Sewer Rehabilitation contractors. Mr. Conant has 18 years of experience with epoxy applications for the rehabilitation of aging sewer assets and protection of new concrete water/wastewater structures, having spent years as an applicator and business developer for Warren Environmental’ s epoxy system. He has collaborated with many utility owners and consulting engineers to help select coating systems to increase the life of valuable infrastructure assets.

Polyurethane Manhole Rehab

Presented by: Anthony Hughes
Sprayroq Protective Lining Systems
2:30 pm – 3:10 pm EST

A brief discussion on the unique properties of polyurethane lining systems including real world examples.

Mr. Hughes serves as a Senior Sales Engineer at Sprayroq, with a focus on educating consultants, engineers, water infrastructure asset managers, and owners on structural infrastructure rehabilitation and the trenchless technology market. In his role at Sprayroq, Mr. Hughes uses technical knowledge and experience developed over a 20-year career as a consulting civil engineer and also as a project manager at a large ductile iron pipe manufacturer.  His experience as a design engineer and senior project manager includes water and sewer pump station work, water and wastewater treatment plant work, drinking water distribution work, and wastewater collection system work of all types, including infrastructure rehabilitation utilizing trenchless methods. Mr. Hughes currently serves the industry as an active member of NASSCO and as the co-chair of the NASSCO Sewer Structure Rehabilitation Committee.

Day 2: December 20th

Proper Preparation-The Importance of a Sound Substrate

Presented by: Scott Wendling
8:05 am – 8:45 am EST

This presentation will discuss the importance of properly preparing concrete structures prior to application of a coating on common structures in the wastewater industry.  We will discuss collection system issues in Manholes and Sewer Lift stations from microbial induced corrosion or MIC and its effect on concrete.  We will go into how to have a successful coating application when rehabilitating sanitary sewer structures by discussing how to prep your concrete, testing for moisture, testing PH of the concrete, washing, grouting, and ultimately applying the best type of repair product that is appropriate for the job.

Scott Wendling has over 20 years of experience surrounding the Wastewater industry specializing in coatings and CIPP lining.  Scott is a Utah WWC Operator IV and has an Associate Degree in Civil Engineering.  He has not only worked on the municipal side of wastewater collection, but has also owned and operated a sewer cleaning, inspection and trenchless rehabilitation company providing coatings for manholes, lift stations and other wastewater structures.

Renew Your Aging Infrastructure

Presented by: Sims Rhyne
8:50 am – 9:30 am EST

This presentation will include the need for manhole rehabilitation and the typical causes of manhole rehabilitation. The presentation will also cover manhole rehabilitation product categories and inform attendees what is multi-layered liner system is.

Sims serves as Vice President for Business Development at Spectrashield®. He joined the company in 2001 and has been part of the exciting growth of the company for 22 years. He has been active in numerous industry organizations, including the ASCE Manual 92 Committee and NASSCO, where he served as a member of the Manhole Committee. Additionally, he spent time on the Industry Advisory Board (IAB) for Louisiana Tech University and was a frequent guest speaker for the Municipal Forum Series.

Restore Sewer Structure Integrity

Presented by: Mario Tamez Jr.
Standard Cement
9:35 am – 10:15 am EST

This presentation will discuss how to set up I&I projects in proper order so that savings in early projects pay for later projects as you revamp your sewer system.

Paul grew up learning business fundamentals with roles of increasing responsibility at Proctor & Gamble, General Mills, Pfizer, and Coca-Cola.  He took his first CMO job with Bacardi USA, then took the same role with Tempur-Pedic before joining the family business, Sealing Systems Inc. in 2017.  Under his leadership, the business has doubled as he continues to focus the Company on best-in-class product innovation at reasonable prices for our customers.  He expanded sales reach and now Sealing Systems has product in all 50 states and 11 different countries.

Manhole Rehab from a Contractor’s P.O.V

Presented by: Sam Hunt
CBETT Restoration
10:20 am – 11:00 am EST

This presentation will discuss manhole rehabilitation technologies from a contractor’s point of view.

Manhole Renewal Solutions

Presented by: Keith Walker
AP/M Permaform
12:15 pm – 12:55 pm EST

This presentation will be discussing various installation methods, product choices, and design considerations.

Keith has 27 years’ experience in trenchless underground construction equipment, materials and installation methodology for manhole rehabilitation and large diameter pipe rehabilitation. Keith is a member of the American Society of Testing Methods, (ASTM) Committee A5 on Metallic-Coated Iron and Steel Products, Committee C13 on Concrete Pipe, Committee F17 on Plastic Piping Systems and Committee F36 on Technology and Underground Utilities, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Society of American Military Engineers (SAME), American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way, (AREMA) and a member of the American Concrete Institute (ACI).

Cured-In-Place Manhole Rehabilitation

Presented by: William Casten & Ted Casten
Infrastructure Rehab USA
1:00 pm – 1:40 pm EST

This presentation discusses rehabilitating deteriorated manholes with The CIP Liner.

William is the Vice president of business development for Infrastructure Rehab USA. William has been working for Infrastructure rehab USA for over 8 years. William is also the owner of CIP Industries, which manufactures the CIP Liner for manholes, lift stations and other large wastewater structures.

Ted is the President and CEO of Infrastructure Rehabilitation USA. Ted has over 20 years’ experience in the cured-in-place manhole industry. Ted is also the managing partner of Casten and Pearce Law firm in Shreveport, Louisiana and has 40 years’ experience practicing law in the state of Louisiana.

Epoxy Systems Analysis: Which Works Best For You?

Presented by: Tom Godbey
Standard Cement Materials
1:45 pm – 2:25 pm EST

This presentation will take a deep dive into epoxy systems that are used in underground structure rehabilitation. Starting with a brief history of how epoxy came to be used in our industry and why. The presentation will also follow up with the types of epoxies that are available on the marketplace today and which works best and why, for the goal you’re trying to achieve. While this is going on it’ll tie in the critical relationship between the owner, consulting engineer, and contractor to create a successful coating project.

Tom has been in the high-performance coatings industry nearly 40 years. He has been employed with leading coatings manufacturers and involved with product sales, development, training, and marketing. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our industry.

Monoform Plus

Presented by: Jake Nanti
HK Solutions Group
2:30 pm – 3:10 pm EST

Attendees will learn about our evaluation and Monoform+ systems. They will see how the installation of Monoform+ will update their infrastructure without disturbing the surrounding land and structures and how we can offer a long-term solution to a serious problem facing every city in our country.

With an extensive background in commercial construction and the environmental industry, has been a valuable member of the HK team since April 2018. His passion for delivering top-tier services to municipal clients throughout the Midwest is at the heart of his role. Jake’s expertise in customer relationship management (CRM), project planning and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction enables him to cultivate enduring partnerships with municipal agencies and contractors. His collaborative spirit shines as he works seamlessly with internal teams to provide precise estimates, proposals, and innovative solutions for even the most intricate and diverse projects.

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