December 14, 2022

This full day webinar is all about Large Diameter Pipe Rehabilitation. Through a series of strategically selected education sessions you will learn inspection and cleaning techniques, rehabilitation technologies, and other discussion items that will help you with your next project. Industry experts will share their knowledge and field experience in this moderated webinar with two separate Q&A sessions. 

We discussed 10 Educational Topics

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Advanced Pipeline Assessment Using Autonomous Technology & Sensors

Presented by: Sam Cancilla

This presentation will discuss the use of advanced pipeline assessment technologies including autonomous technologies using artificial intelligence robots with multiple sensors to better understand the condition of the existing underground infrastructure.

Over 30 years of experience in the water and wastewater trenchless technology industry. Managed condition assessment projects in over 500 of the largest major US and Canadian cities. B.S. from the University of Pittsburgh and is a member of various industry groups including NASSCO, ASTM, AWWA, NASST, WEA & WEF.

Drone Inspection For Large Diameter Sewer

Presented by: Glenn Fowler

See one of the newest, safest, effective ways to inspect Large Diameter Pipes. The presentation covers the capabilities of drones specifically designed for confined spaces.

Glenn has more than 30 years of experience in civil engineering related infrastructure projects between military and secular service. He has managed the trenchless repair of more than 250,000 LF of pipes and more than 150,000 FT of vertical structures using more than 75,000 tons of high strength repair mortars. Glenn is a graduate of Southern Polytechnic State University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Technology.

Large Diameter Sewer Cleaning

Presented by: Joe Schotthoefer

An overview understanding of large diameter sewer cleaning, the process, equipment, specifying and pitfalls.

A fifth-generation family-owned business. Joe is the current President of the Board of Directors at NASSCO. Joe is a mechanical engineer by education, but field engineering specialist by trade. Joe crafted his skills on the shop floor, at the job site and in the pipe. He is responsible for the custom manufacture and continuous improvement of the company’s fleet of water recycling large diameter, long reach, difficult access and high-pressure pipe cleaning and debris extraction machines.

CIPP Onsite/Over the Hole Wet Out

Presented by: Lou Krch

Learn the process involved in an onsite wet out. Covered is the required footprint, ingress egress, environmental controls, bypass, water, equipment recommendations, risk assessment & duration times frames.  

ITCP™- Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) Trainer | 39 years of CIPP experience | 2000 to Present | Operations Manager, Granite Construction (Formerly Layne Inliner) Ohio Region | 1999 to 2000 | Project Manager, Miller Pipeline | 1983 to 1999 | TV Truck Operator promoted to Operations Manager, Insituform New England | Certified NASSCO Trainer in ITCP™-CIPP since 2016.

Large Diameter Rehab Using Bespoke Structural GRP Lining System

Presented by: Andy Sherwin

Go over the rehabilitation of circular, non-circular sewers, bends, curves and drop structures with custom GRP lining systems.

Over 25 years of experience in sewer maintenance and rehabilitation technics. Particularly cured in place pipe lining, lateral lining, Grouted in Place Panel Lining and manhole rehabilitation. Has been involved in some of the largest lateral rehabilitation projects in
Canada to date.

Internal Joint Seals for Large Pipe

Presented by: Jeremy Keininger

Learn about a turnkey process that’s simple and used in pipelines carrying any product and any shape—including pipes with compound angles. 

Jeremy Kieninger is the Superintendent for the WEKO-SEAL team at Miller Pipeline. With over 15 years of experience installing WEKO-SEAL units all over the globe, Jeremy is an expert in internal pipe joint sealing and repair. In his current role, Jeremy is responsible for coordinating crews, estimating projects, and working with clients to meet their needs. Jeremy lives for his amazing wife and their four children.

Applied & Bonded Epoxy Lining: When to Use in Large Diameter Pipe

Presented by: Michael Caputi

Define an ultra-high build, applied & bonded structural epoxy lining technology and how it differs from other lining technologies. 

NACE Certified Coating Inspector & SSPC Certified Inspector.

Use of FRP Composite for Pipe Rehab

Presented by: Firat Sever

The goal of this presentation is to educate the audience on the fundamentals of pipeline rehabilitation with FRP including materials, design, installation, and QA/QC processes applied in a typical project.

Pipeline Division Manager at QuakeWrap, Inc. | Worked as a field engineer and consulting engineering pipelines for 15 years, before joining QuakeWrap in 2018 | Serving on National Pipeline Committees of WEF, NASSCO, and AWWA | ASCE Pipelines 2015 Technical Chair | Specialties: Underground infrastructure rehabilitation with trenchless technologies, pipeline design.

Applied Cement/Geopolymer Rehab for Large Diameter Pipes

Presented by: Drew O'Connor

We will explore how and why spraying pipe can be an effective, durable and cost saving method for owners.  

14 years' experience in the underground
rehabilitation industry.

Sealing the Lateral Connection of Large Diameter Mains

Presented by: Jason Mathey

The presentation will cover the materials and installation methods of repairing and sealing lateral connections in large diameter mainline pipe.  

16 years at LMK Technologies, LLC as a Sales Manager, Fabrication Manager & Research and Development Director/Training Manager.

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