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Partnered Training

BMC Trenchless partnered up with industry specialists who offer certified courses and memberships to help YOU expand your knowledge! 

Sewer Cleaning 102

By: Nezat Training & Consulting

Learn and discuss the various ways to get the most out of your combo truck. You’ll also go over lifesaving safety tips that could even save you one day!

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Certification of Training in Asset Management (CTAM)

By: Buried Asset Management Institute International (BAMI-I)

CTAM Courses benefit Professional Engineers with years of experience in the management of underground asset infrastructure. Many PEs in water and wastewater systems have never developed and implemented formalized asset management plans. These courses are developed by industry professionals.

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Water Otter 3.0 Pro Memebership

By: Water Otter

Water Otter provides online continuing education tools for Water and Wastewater Professionals. You are guaranteed UNLIMITED access, courses, and credits. 
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