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About Epoxytec

Epoxytec manufactures specialty protective coatings and repair compounds specifically focusing on interior lining solutions for water and wastewater environments. Epoxytec’s structural grade epoxy is designed to deliver an ultra-high build and high-strength lining solution that incorporates micronized reinforcement to seal against inflow and infiltration (I&I) and provide corrosion protection.

Epoxytec collaborates with asset owners, engineers, and contractors to provide rehabilitative solutions unique to water and wastewater environments. Epoxytec’s purpose is to deliver high-performance product solutions that repair, protect, and maintain physical infrastructure with the most cost-effective, long-term solutions while maintaining a consistently high level of service to combat I&I and corrosion.

Manhole Rehabilitation

Cementitious Mortar Lining

Mortartec Ceramico

An epoxy-modified mortar incorporating cutting-edge epoxide technology combined with a specific balance of Portland cement, high density graded silica aggregate, and synthetic fibers to produce one of the most coveted epoxy mortars in the industrial market today for surfacing, patching and filling voids and bugholes in concrete substrate.  Designed to take early topcoats of epoxy coatings without the need for further preparation. Mortartec Ceramico has the unique ability to be applied both thin and thick by hand or by spray application, typically from 1/16” to 3/4” (1.6 to 19 mm) in depth. Exhibits excellent performance properties unlike any mortar technology before it with incredible adhesive properties, enhanced barrier sealing capabilities assisting with minimizing outgassing.

Mortartec Cladliner

Mortartec Cladliner is an engineered hybrid epoxy-cement liner combining the simplicity of a cementitious lining with the performance of a high build epoxy, all in one product. Mortartec Cladliner offers acid resistance to protect from corrosion derived from mild-to-moderate hydrogen sulfide (H2S) conditions. This is accomplished by combining epoxy polymerization with a formulated balance of of Portland cement, high density graded silica aggregate, and synthetic fibers. Cladliner serves as a resurfacer and liner, all-in-one.

Polymer Lining

CPP Sprayliner MH

A high strength, applied and bonded lining solution for sanitary sewer collection system lining requirements to seal inflow and infiltration (I&I) while protecting against corrosion. Spray-applied, ultra-high build, 100% solids, structural-grade epoxy coating and lining system. An advanced microfiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) technology cured with enhanced mechanical properties.  Optimized with polycyclic and amine blended curing agents for increased crosslinking with excellent H2S resistance, sealing, moisture tolerance, and service wear durability.

Large Diameter Pipe Rehabilitation

Epoxy Lining

CPP Trowel-Liner

Two-component, trowel-applied, ultra-high build, 100% solids, structural-grade amine epoxy repair compound and lining system. CPP Trowel-Liner is a high strength applied and bonded lining and repair solution for new construction and deteriorated and fatigued wastewater, water, and sanitary sewer infrastructure. An advanced microfiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) technology cured with enhanced mechanical properties. The material can be trowel-applied ultra-high build, up to 1/2” (500 mils).  Formulated with high moisture tolerance with H2S resistance and sealed I&I barrier protection. Blended with reinforcing agents and various microfibers, the CPP Trowel-Liner creates a reinforced film as a microfiber-reinforced-polymer (FRP), with high mechanical strength.  Applied epoxy technology for H2S resistance and sealing, with formulated moisture tolerance, UV stabilization, and service wear durability.

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