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How to Seal Your Sewer System

Provides an in-depth look at gasket sealing technology and includes current methods used to rehabilitate mainline to lateral connection, CIPP pipe and laterals. You will gain a complete understanding of ASTM F2561 and F3240.

Geopolymer - Is this for real?

This educational presentation focuses on using geopolymer and cementitious materials as an alternative to CIPP in order to rehabilitate large diameter pipe and why an engineered material is so important. Discussed will be the differences between geopolymer and cementitious materials as well as the limitations, challenges, installation techniques, specification considerations and testing methods.
Current ASTM standards are discussed in relation to this method.

Manhole Rehabilitation from 30,000 feet

We explore manhole rehabilitation and provide information on manhole preparation, the different application methods, inspection and testing of various types of manhole rehabilitation products.

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All Educational Sessions can be done in person or virtually depending on your preference. 

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