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Corrosion Basics for Wastewater Applications

Corrosion within the wastewater infrastructure is a significant cause of deterioration and premature failure of key wastewater assets. As a result, wastewater infrastructure protection is of increasing importance among utilities, engineers, and practitioners due to the considerable renovation cost of deteriorated sewer networks and wastewater treatment structures. In this education session, you’ll learn how imperative it is to understand when and where this corrosion occurs and to have an awareness of the different methods to help mitigate its destructive forces.

Key concepts to be covered:

  • The common forms of corrosion found in wastewater environments
  • How corrosion attacks different substrates
  • How protective coatings and linings can be used to help preserve and protect structures.

Meet your Presenters

Brian Cheshire

  • 20+ years in the coating industry
  • AMPP Senior Certified Coatings Inspector (NACE Level 3)
  • Member of STI/SPFA, AWWA, NRWA, WEF, ICRI, and ACI
  •  Involved with AMPP at the regional and national level & serves as the chair of the SC-18 Water/Wastewater Standards Committee
  • Director of Sales at Tnemec Company

Steven Roetter, P.E.

  • 26 Years with Tank Industry Consultants President/Managing Principal
  • 4 Years Corrosion probe/Ocean City Research
  • SSPC Protective Coating Specialist

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