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Offering decades of experience and dedication to the piping industry, CCI Piping Systems has proven itself with innovative solutions, creative ideas, and a firm commitment to customers. CCI Piping Systems offers a wide variety of services, including field training and after hours customer service.
It is their belief that a high standard of quality in the manufacture and distribution of pipe protection products can be achieved reliably, honorably and profitably. CCIP Piping also believes they must continue to deliver the most up-to-date technology at the most competitive prices to assist customers in meeting their product and industry needs.

Manhole Rehabilitation

Chimney Rehabilitation


The WrapidSeal™ Manhole Encapsulation System consists of an engineered primer and a unique wraparound heat-shrinkable sleeve designed specifically to seal joints and prevent groundwater from entering a collection system. WrapidSeal™ can be utilized on both new construction and for rehabilitation of existing manholes. Most rehabilitation applications using WrapidSeal™ typically involve only the top portion of the structure, since cost considerations do not normally permit excavating an entire man- hole.

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