Building Stronger Teams

How do we build strong teams with a combination of technically skilled & people focused experts?
Join us to find out!
Cost: $199
Duration: 2.5 hours

Key concepts to be covered

- 9 leadership competencies

- Learn about the gap within the industry leading to redone    work, costs and lack of community within stakeholders.

- Learn how to maximize and utilize individually skilled experts to function as one high performing team.

- Transformational-servant leadership

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April 23rd
1:00-3:30pm EST

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Meet your trainer:
Jodi Tucker

- Master of Leadership (MA)

- Certified PACP, MACP, LACP and ITCP Certified.

- Change Management Professional.

- Certified Agile Coach, Scrum Master and Product Owner.

- 15+ years coaching and consulting on leadership competence in a broad spectrum of industries.

- Demonstrated results in government relations and large-scale legislative development in Canada and the US.