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Asset Data Analyzation

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WIKD Analyzer is our office product that can be fully customized for asset review and recommendation without the need to review reports or videos. WIKD Analyzer uses historic inspection data to review and recommend asset rehab, repair, and cleaning. The system provides a Health marker that will help you identify deteriorating assets and predict asset failure as well as provide you with an overall look at the health of your underground system. Create your CMOM reports within minutes by just pressing one button including your Company brand and your customer’s brand for a more Customizable professional look.

Key concepts to be covered:

– Reviewing historic information

– Analyzing trends

– Scheduling future maintenance

Example reports available for production

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May 16th
1:00-2:00 pm EST 


Meet your presenter:
Leticia Eberly

– Over 25 years of experience in software development and consulting.

– Has been in the pipeline inspection business for over 12 years.

– Has developed and designed multiple PACP™ certified inspection systems.

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