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Back Municipal Consulting is a full service consulting and engineering firm that is committed to delivering personalized solutions and up to date training opportunities in the wastewater industry.

Our small firm caters to the specific needs of each client and offers a wide range of services.

We will work with you to provide the trenchless technology education that is specific to the needs of your organization.

We offer NASSCO Certified Inspector Training and Pipeline Assessment Training virtually or in person.

We specialize in the Trenchless Technology Industry and have been developing and writing ASTM Standards for manufacturers for over 10 years.

What is a Wastewater Collection System?

It consists of a system of underground pipes and maintenance structures used to convey  wastewater from homes, businesses and municipalities to a wastewater treatment facility. 

The components of this system include lateral and branch sewers, which connect to a main sewer and from there the wastewater goes to a larger trunk sewer or lift station. The trunk sewers then act as the main arteries of the wastewater collection system by collecting and moving the wastewater from numerous main sewers to a wastewater treatment center or to an interceptor sewer, which is the largest diameter sewer line and the furthest downstream. The interceptor sewer will send the wastewater into the treatment plant where the pollutants are removed before the water is discharged to a nearby body of water.

Can trenchless rehabilitation solve the issues in your wastewater collection system?

Let Back Municipal Consulting show you how trenchless rehabilitation can work for you!

We provide the education, and training to inspect and identify potential problems as well as the expertise and experience in the trenchless technology industry to provide you with the resources and solutions to solve your issues. Premium Supplier